• QUICK DRYING - Simply the best quick dry microfiber beach towel! Being thinner than traditional cotton towels it hang dries 3 x faster. No more soaking wet towels that take forever to dry!
  • SAND PROOF - Yes finally - a sand free beach towel! Even when wet give it a shake and the sand falls right off. Keep your keys, phone, camera and other valuables safe and dry with the bonus water resistant and sandproof carry bag - ideal for the beach, gym, pool, boating, kayaking, jet ski or any other water sports
  • BEST TRAVEL TOWEL & SWIM TOWEL - ultra compact & lightweight when rolled up, a long and extra large beach towel when rolled out! Super easy to pack in your luggage, beach or gym bag, the perfect packable towel you can take anywhere. Being an oversized beach towel it’s long enough to lay on and even wrap around you. The fabric is chlorine resistant too so it’s the best swim towel to take to the pool. By far the most versatile beach towel for the whole family - adults, kids, toddlers and teens
  • ABSORBENT & SUPER SOFT – not only is it an ultra absorbent towel soaking the water right off you like a shammy, suede microfiber has a very different feel to cotton, terry towels and even standard microfiber. It’s thin and luxuriously super soft on your skin with a silky suede feel! Make sure it’s washed before 1st use for maximum absorbency.
  • 100% GUARANTEED - Most microfiber towels have rectangular edges which fray easily after a few washes. NewLyfe microfiber towels have been designed with durability in mind and made to last with rounded corners and 4 x stitching. At NewLyfe we're all about 'Simply Living' so simply love your towel or your money back with our 30 day returns policy. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, so for your peace of mind our products also come with a 2 year warranty

Microfiber Beach Towel & Carry Bag

180cm x 80cm: Pink & White Cabana Stripe
    • Luxurious Suede Microfiber
    • 80cm x 180cm 
    • 80% polyester / 20% polyamide
    • 220gsm
    • weighs 314g
  • NewLyfe Microfiber Beach Towels are designed to give you peace of mind and come with a manufacturer 30 day money back guarantee and a 2 year replacement warranty on faulty products.