SAND DOESN’T STICK – unlike any other towel, ‘Suede’ microfiber is completely flat with no loops in the fabric, so there’s nothing for sand, seaweed or twigs to stick to. As it dries give it a good shake and the sand falls right off!


COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT – a great size for kids at 120 x 70cm, it rolls down to half the size of a water bottle and weighs just 175grams, making it super easy for kids to pack and carry themselves!


ABSORBANT? YES! – The millions of ultra fine microfibers will pat them dry in seconds, the more you wash it the more absorbent it gets.


DRIES 3 x FASTER – the ultra thin fabric hang dries in no time. Hang it anywhere with the handy hanging loop!


DURABLE, EASY CARE – not only are they machine washable but due to the sand free and quick dry qualities you don’t need to wash after every use. Ideal for camping and caravanning where you don’t want to be washing beach towels every day!


SILKY SOFT – your kids will adore the luxuriously silky smooth and soft suede feel, especially kids with sensitive skin.


FUN DESIGNS – your kids will love!

SHARK Kids Sand Free Beach Towel (120x70cm)

    • Luxurious Suede Microfiber
    • 70cm x 120cm 
    • 80% polyester / 20% polyamide
    • 200gsm
    • weighs 175g
    • Hanging Loop
  • NewLyfe Microfiber Beach Towels are designed to give you peace of mind and come with a manufacturer 30 day money back guarantee and a 2 year replacement warranty on faulty products.

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